Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Goals for 2012...

So 2012 is officially here...and I am unusually anxious to get started training and working toward my goals for this year.  Needless to say for those of you that know me...2011 was a bit of a disappointment, but a necessary one for my body...and my health. 

First,  I have learned so much during my recovery and am much more aware of what my body is trying to tell me! 

Secondly, I  and cannot express enough gratitude toward those individuals who "educated" me along the way!!  They took the time to talk to me, listen to me, respond to me, model for me and more importantly...put up with me for many, many months...and that ain't so easy my friends btw...

With that being said...
I am still waiting...
waiting for the "OK" to leap back into the game...

I saw this pic on Stephanie's blog and just couldn't resist it...
 Thanks Stephanie!!

Nonetheless...I can't think of a reason to not list some of the goals I hope to achieve in 2012.   Some are short term and in the hopeful near future, and others long term and further away.  I understand fully that my surgical recovery and body will dictate in the long run whether or not these goals are accomplished.  However,  I find it motivating to talk about...and putting it out there makes me committed to making, or trying to make it happen.

So here you goals for 2012

1.  To slowly begin practicing Bikram yoga again...pain free... at least 2-3 times per week for strength, balance and mental clarity

summer 2011 before hip surgery

2.  Incorporate more strength training and core work into my training.  I have learned at my age this is absolutely necessary in order to avoid future injuries...and aid in muscle recovery


3.  Start running slowly with low mileage, but consistently to begin building up endurance and strength

4.  Incorporate more speed work and base training into my running

5.  Alternate running with more biking and swimming for cross training purposes...and less stress on my joint

6.  Complete the trifitness sprint triathlon in late August, and enjoy every minute of it

August 2011
7.  Complete a 5k since  hip surgery in  as close to 24 minutes as possible, and a 10k in less than 50 minutes for a start

8.  Allow my body to recover as often as it tells me too!

9.  find and sign up for at least one half marathon somewhere near my area mid summer

and if my body and hip allow it so soon...

 10.  Run the NYC marathon in November 2012

I realize these goals may seem far fetched to some...
and ridiculously easy to others...

but they are mine for now... and I am inspired to achieve them!

what are some of your goals for 2012???
Come on...motivate us!


  1. I love writing out goals! Mine are very similar for this year... ease back into running with extra cross training and strength training, and see if my body allows for a full marathon. But even without that, you have many attainable goals you can hit along the way. Hopefully your body will agree!

  2. Thanks Laura! The body always dictates the final answer...whether we agree with it or not! Hoping 2012 will be a hit for the both of us!!

  3. How cool that you are from Shoreham! I grew up in Selden, went to Centereach High School, and then my husband and I bought our first house and lived in Rocky Point for four years. I love Rocky Point! :) We moved out here in 2001.

    I love you goals and wish you all the best in recovering and moving forward. If you get to run NYC it would be fun to meet. :)

  4. I think you are capable of anything you put your mind've already started pecking away at 1,2 and 8 which is a start and you are in the lottery for NYC!!!! If you get the go ahead...and you dont' get picked...I know a little someone that will annoy the heck out of you to raise money with her! You are doing the right things...sometimes waiting, is the right thing even though we don't like it much!

  5. ahhh! i am so excited to be able to follow your blog! i can already tell it/you will be an inspiration to me. you have such a great attitude about returning from this surgery. your post is full of hope and promise...i think that in itself can take you a long way in working toward your goals :) my #1 goal right now is to heal but also to learn to appreciate that my body is capable of many things...not just running. So I think I need to remember that its important to allow it the chance to do ALL of those things...rather than just always pounding out the miles.

    that yoga pic of you is INCREDIBLE!!!

  6. OK- ignore my last comment. I see you are recovering! You have some great goals here. I am curious about your injury/surgery.

  7. Thanks Raina! I left you a comment on your most recent post...hoping these goals are achievable this year!! Thanks for the follow!

  8. I love yoga. I used to do the hot yoga classes. Not really sure anymore why I quit, although I prefer to do yoga at home at my own pace. I'd like to get back into it, too.
    Your goals seem real and attainable to me. Good luck with them :)

    My Running Shortz


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