Saturday, January 28, 2012

My "Random Qualities"...

So, lately I have been reading alot about bloggers "tagging" each other...and to be quite honest, i have really enjoyed reading it all!! 
Once tagged by someone, apparently you have to list various random things about yourself...and answer various questions they may ask of you...It is rather interesting, and comforting to hear of all the strange habits, quirks, and funny personalites we all acquire...or not

so, after much ado...and NOT being tagged by anyone at the moment, (but that's OK...I'm an official newbie)  here is my list of random things about me~

30 Random things about me...
1.   I am a creature of habit and follow the exact same routine every morning when I wake up before school...and i LOVE seeing what color my pee is in the morning, tacky I know!

2.   I only cry in private...

3.   I am very hard to read...but am always reading others for information and insight.

4.   I am a die hard University of Louisville basketball fan...GO CARDS!!  college sports rock!

5.   My parents were born in rural western Ky, my dad grew up with no indoor plumbing, an outhouse, a single parent and 6 siblings...and I thinks that's SO COOL!!!

6.   I'm always, always, always horny at work when I can do nothing about it...and I love to text my husband when that happens

7.   I can't listen to music without getting you may see me occasionally hyperventilate on the side of the road when running...or driving...

8.  I totally drive the speed limit, in the left I am the car you are honking at!

9.   I will never understand NY weddings, sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, any type of baby/bridal showers, or cultural differences and traditions here ...but i LOVE being exposed to it all!

10.   I am sad and cry every December 26th, and 27th and always will for the rest of my life!

11.   I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast or track start when I was a little girl...and sometimes I still do

12.   The first person I ever slept with was my husband...but we don't need to go there...

13.   I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet...but have so lost that battle at home!!

14.   I have one straight brother and one gay one...and I love them both the same!

15.   I called my parents "mother and daddy" growing up...

16.   I am both conservative and i will never understand politics!

17.  my only regret in life so far was living away from home while mother was sick...and i miss my best friend so much!

18.   I am one of the reflective people you will ever meet...and one of the most sarcastic!

19.  you don't EVER want me to pick your name for secret out!

20.   I am too trusting a person...but on the other hand trust no one at all!

21.   I have witnessed, bet, dressed up, stunted as a collegiate cheerleader and vomited...all  at the Kentucky derby

22.  I absolutely love to burp and fart...but get very annoyed when my husband or children do it in front of me!

23.   I love, love, love southern gospel music...and barbershop!

24.   I was the Ky, Indiana, and Ohio tri-state champion as an 11 year old for the 100 meter dash...and qualified for the Arco Jesse Ownes games in Ca for a week...and was the only white girl in the race!

25.   I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful my children are...

26.   I am absolutely appalled at how misbehaved my children are...

27.   I am totally naive in general...but I fake it well!

28.   There are other things I  fake as well  unfortunately...shhhhh 

29.   The best feature on my body was always my stomach...but, now it's my personality, ha, ha!

30.  I am a christian...but I am scared to death of dying!

OK...there you go!  30 very vague, random, non exercise related facts about me as a person.   But...there is MUCH more to know...but you have to ask first!!

so...lets leave it with this..............

State one word...or one adjective... that best describes you as a person...

Think about it...and share!


  1. You sound like me- a real roller-coaster of a person. I bet that was a real interesting experience in track at age 11. Are you still a speed demon?

  2. Not right now I'm not...ha ha! That track experience was one of a lifetime...great memories!

  3. I love reading these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loved reading all of these! Thanks for sharing!


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