Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ART Therapy...Suggestions Anyone??


A 44 year old well educated female.. A teacher for many, many years with no problem getting up in front of a school of elementary students to speak, teach, redirect, sing, act, dance or just plain motivate... A mother of 3 energetic and exuberant boys, that has learned to be their biggest advocate, strongest ally, not to mention, the loudest fan on the sidelines...

Why is it when a doctor or surgeon calls to see how your recovery and his "protocol" is going, you immediately break into a deep sweat, feel lightheaded, wanna projectile vomit, and become so flustered that you continue to babble like a six year old trying to get out of the biggest lie you've ever told????

Yep...that was me. About, um........an hour ago! "Real classy!!


Trying to explain to my doctor that, I really didn't think I needed to go to ART Therapy, (when he told me to go 6 weeks ago btw...) DIDN'T REALLY GO OVER SO WELL...

Quite Frankly, I am not a lover of laying on the table with ones hands draped entirely over my "hip proper"!!! Unless of course, it's my husband...he doesn't necessarily care about the added "dimple" the surgeon gave me from the incisions.  

BTW...Dimples are meant for your CHEEKS...not your THIGHS!!

Kneading, squeezing, pulling, tugging, pushing, and grasping really aren't my cup of tea...especially when all I have to do is lightly touch the area and I wince. And...to top it off...the person I am being referred to is a professional body builder...check out the video below for a good laugh!!!  Thanks Annette!!

I am a bit, modest I guess you can say...and the thought of not just one (PT) but two good looking guys "hurting me is not really appealing.

but...I was schooled, and looks like I will be going anyway.

  • Anybody out there ever have this therapy?  Painful?  Not painful?
  • Do you Love it...Hate it...Dream about it??
  • Most importantly...does it require crayolas or colored pencils??


  1. lol..too much! I just got the crayola joke lol....lol....
    Anywho...I can't believe you got yelled at! That's what you get for not listening Mrs. C! Now what would you say to your children if they didn't listen?...My goodness what a poor example. I think I may just give Mr. Kelly a little shout out and a blog url...payback for getting me out of bed!

  2. I've never tried it... I hear it is painful, but also well worth it. However, I think it's your choice. If you aren't comfortable with it, there are other ways to heal! If he isn't willing to work with you, are there other doctors for a 2nd opinion?

  3. I know laura, I hear it's painful too...UGH! that's why I was avoiding it, ha!
    I was in NYC for a follow up today and got to speak with him further and meet again with his Physical therapist...he is one of the most renowned surgeons in this part of the country for my particular surgery, it is THE ONLY surgery he performs actually. So I do feel lucky to be under his care...I just need to "suck it up" and follow through with it. I will let you know how it goes...and how it "feels!!"

    Thanks for the advice!

  4. I've heard great things about ART! Never had it done so don't have experience but I'd say go for it! Can't hurt. Well, in the long run. ;)

  5. I have had ART and really like it!! I have had some pretty good results with my it band. Excited to read more from you! I am around your age and a teacher also!! But there is no way my body would bend like your does (picture)!


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