Sunday, January 15, 2012

Should I follow "Protocol?" I am officially hooked on this blogging thing thanks to all you inspirational people out there...but I am finding myself stressed out a bit that I'm not finding my focus for it. I mean, I am a VERY focused person...but in more of a distracted way if you know what I mean. Multi-tasking is HUGE with any working mother, as I am sure we all know. So, with that being said, once I start thinking about my goals, priorities, intentions for something, I find myself being quickly whisked away from them to either wipe a nose, wipe other things if ya know what I mean, clean up a spill, fold the laundry, gather the laundry, wash the laundry...I HATE the on my lesson plans, answer the phone, wink at my husband etc...and then I have completely forgotten what it was I was thinking about. Does this happen to everyone? Or is it just me?

Despite the answer...I have found my focus for the moment, so lets get down to it before I forget it.....following "Proper Protocol!"

It sounds so "official"...butseriously, How important is it anyway??????????

So, I have been going through intense physical therapy for about 4 1/2 months post-op from hip surgery. If anyone out there has a laberal tear with impingement' know how painful and debilitating this can be to your body...and it wreaks havoc on the sports you love the most. If this is you....please listen to me very closely. I'm not at all a health expert, nor am I a professional athlete, but I am a smart person; however smart I wasn't when dealing with this diagnosis at first. I mean, any endurance athlete knows that once the endorphins kick in...the pain goes away or is ignored. Until next time that is...and then before too long, you're limping after each run, then limping while you're running, then finding yourself on crutches before the surgery ever begins. So........Stop the running, stop it now...because I learned the hard way and it wasn't pretty...not at all!

Since my surgery, I have been very diligent and cooperative with every aspect along the way, which is rather unusual for me in that I typically over do it and PUSH myself too hard. And as we all know...this gets an athlete nowhere in the area of recovery. I have pulled back the reigns on myself and have been faithfully listening to both my surgeon, my physical therapist...but most importantly, my body. but I have to tell patience is wearing................wearing thin!

I don't know how you feel out there in your own "running" and "yoga" world...but I know that I never thought it would take this long to get back on track. I wore a hip brace for about 3 weeks and was on crutches for about 7 weeks. Here is what this one of a kind beauty looks like...

It was almost like wearing an old fashioned chastity belt in the good ole days...not that I know what that is like btw...

For those of you that are on here to find Dr. Bryan Kelly's protocol that I am "supposed" to be following...
So,answer me this...What would you do???
Should I make up my own fricken protocol?
Or would you continue to follow "doctors" orders??????????



  1. I would follow protocol...while also doing a bit of my own know pushing it just a tad. Like maybe you can start walking instead of running for 1/2 hour a day. Yes, it sounds boring but it is way better than doing nothing and just wiping whatever it is you are wiping ;)...I know that you would have people do walk at least one of your lunch periods!

    1. I'm wondering what someone would be doing up at 5:39 am?? Thanks for the advice my friend...I take it you know someone that will walk with me at lunch then?

  2. Ugh- so sorry you've had to go through this. I've had two very minor injuries, (knee pain about 4 years ago and shin stress this summer) but never had anything quite this intense, so I'm not sure what to tell you... do you have access to a gym to use the bike and elliptical as he mentions in the protocol? I"d probably do everything that is listed as acceptable, and listen to your body and add a little if you're still feeling good. Thanks for your sweet comment, I look forward to getting to know you!

  3. Thanks laura!!

    I do use the bike and elliptical at PT...but I haven't been cleared yet to go to the gym...I don't thnk they trust me, ha ha! I have an appointment with the surgeon this Tuesday, so wish me luck! Hopefully, I can be out on the road sooner rather than later!
    Looking forward to getting to know you too!

  4. As a physical therapist, I would definitely recommend you follow protocol. The doctor makes them for a reason. If you're tempted to break, talk to him or your PT. Although I do have to admit I started jogging after foot surgery a little before ok'd to do so. Heal fast!

    1. Hey Stephanie...thanks for the insight! and your honesty:)

  5. My brother just had his 2nd hip replacement in March. he was born with a slight case of CP and he wore braces as a child. That, coupled with our genes (my dad has already had 1 hip replaced) and the fact that he has been an ice hockey goalie for 25+ years, you can see why he needed them. But I still don't know what the hell your injury is and I must Google it now!


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