Saturday, February 4, 2012

Impatiently Being Patient...

So, for those of you that have visited my blog recently...thank you so much for your kind words, amazing support, and uplifting advice.  Only blogging for 3 weeks,  I find it amazing how embracing the "running, yoga, endurance exercise world" out there is...

 how ready they are to help heal your injuries,
listen to your struggles,
understand your frustrations...
and hold your hand along the way...
be it a novice, recreational, or an advanced athlete!

The last few weeks have been "a waiting game" for me. 

For anyone out there who read one of my latest blogs,  regarding ART Therapy...I have been patiently waiting for that miraculous "ahhh moment!" As you all know, I have been going through intense...(well actually pretty basic as of late...) physical therapy for a "not-so-recent" hip surgery.  My surgeon's latest protocol suggestion was for ART therapy, in addition to Physical therapy to help my facilitate muscle growth, help ease the pain from tendinitis which developed, all while trying not to aggravate the anterior innonimate dysfunction that keeps coming into play as well.   

 All in all...5 months later...
I just want need to get back into the game
I need to sweat, push myself,  stretch beyond limits, work, train...............

I want to start running!

and once patience is wearing thin!

I have to say, ART therapy was not as bad as expected...and the professional bodybuilder guy certified to stand over me, grasp his hands around every area that hurt and dig, push, grind, pull, knead and twist my body into positions that only I was able to get into while in my mother's womb...was extremely nice and informative.

But, I'm feeling impatient...and I need some reassurance...

yeah, I have been trying to keep busy doing other types of things such as...
  • Erin's strength/core conditioning routine after she runs...
  • Julia's workout from one of her latest posts by hardcore workout...which is ridiculously and insanely hard btw...
  • Various strengthening exercises to help muscles surrounding hip/butt/quad etc
  • P90X, Jillian Michael's arm/core/arm/leg workout here and there..

but they all have to be modified at this point and quite frankly...just don't satisfy the urge that I am craving...So, I am asking anyone out there who is like me...and can't just keep sitting...can't just keep behaving

How did you keep your sanity while "waiting" to recover,
and what types of exercise did you do to keep your body fit?

How did you balance your need to back off and recover...
with your need or desire  to sweat, burn, and move?

I think I know the answers...I just need to hear them...

so that my patience may return!


  1. It's so tough recovering from an injury. When I had to take several months off I coped by walking for an hour every day with my dog and iPod. That helped me. Good luck!
    My Running Shortz

    1. I'm allowed to walk for about 15 I will do just that!!

  2. I know how you feel - recovery time is mentally hard. Keep doing what you are doing and it will pay off. I learned my lesson the hard way last year by not listening to my body and ending up making a small injury into a huge one that took me out of running for three months! You can do it! Think of this time as a time for self-discovery - this "vacation" from running may help you discover talents you never knew you had! Take care!!

    1. Becky, you're right...and I know I should be grateful for the opportunity to allow my body to heal...

      I guess sometimes we just all need to be reminded! I'll start searching for those "talents!"

  3. Hello,
    My sister from "Running in the right direction" mentioned your blog. I had surgery on December 28, 2011 and am still "recovering". This is the second time I had a surgery similar to this. My first one was 11 years ago when I was in college and surrounded by friends and loved ones. This time around I've been alone 90% of the time. I had a peroneal nerve decompression and 4 compartment fasciotomy on my left leg with two incisions.
    I'm not sure I have any reassuring words as I'm at the point where I'm beginning to learn to walk with crutches. I have to learn how to balance getting out there and healing. I seem to push it more than I should and then have to rest for a half a day. I will begin reading your older posts for some ideas on how you've done it. Keep writing and don't give up.

  4. Maria...You don't give up either!!! Annette is your sister??
    What type of therapy are you going through? I am going to google what you had done so that I can understand it better...where can I find you? I would love to talk to you more...

    1. I began blogging again... it might not be consistent but you can write me at
      And yes, Annette is my older sister.
      My physical therapy has included range of motion exercises, electrical stimulation with moist heat and I am massaging my scars with cocoa butter. That's all for now.

  5. I think the patience is the hardest piece! I did whatever I could... usually swimming and cycling, and weights for arms/core. I was frustrated for several weeks, but gradually began to enjoy the new routine and was okay with it. It helped that we had just moved to Tx where it was ridiculously hot this summer, so indoor activities were a nice alternative to miserable, sweaty runs.... hang in there, with each week you're getting closer to being back!

  6. I know what you're going through. I had a tibia stress fracture that didn't want to heal. I bought a bike, did spin class, aqua jogged, did yoga. Patience is the biggest obstacle to healing, unfortunately.
    As for following my blog, there's a "follow" link up in the far left corner on my page. I have no idea if everyone can see it or if it works.
    Thanks for reading & I pray for a speedy recovery for your hip.

  7. I've suffered from knee and now recently hip issues over the last couple years. I took quite a long break, and now am slowly getting back into running, walking, and biking. Best of luck to you, I know it's sure tough!

    1. yeah, it stinks getting old huh...LOL

      Thanks for the comment, and the follow

  8. Patience seems to be the toughest thing for those of us who exercise with some sort of goal in mind. However, it has been confirmed time and time again that patience with injuries pays the best dividends. I wish I could take that advice myself. I try, but I often fail. LOL... easier to give advice than take it! Anyway, its better to take care of the injuries than to let it get worse and then to you out even longer.

  9. I have been super curious about ART lately, and dying to try it for my IT bands. I know my insurance won't cover it though, and I'm not so sure I want to fork over the money to pay out of pocket!

    I have a hard time keeping up with cross training when I'm injured. It's like I think that if I can't run I can't do anything! Anyways, swimming is my favorite way to stay active when I can't run. Good luck with your recovery!

    1. I have been looking into swimming with a friend who swims with a tri class...think I might just take your advice and go ahead and dive in...

      Ins won't cover it even with a script because mine did...

  10. Oh the evil, insidious stress fracture!!! Hang in there! If you are clear then definitely start swimming. How much cycling are you allowed to do? I know how hard it is to be patient during recovery (IT issues last year at this time) but you've just got to see it through.

  11. I'm allowed to cycle no more than 15-20 minutes right now...but swimming, that's an area I am going to ask about to morrow!


  12. Oh it's so frustrating being injured. I've been fighting plantar fasciitis since June. I think my family is as hopeful as I am that I get this figured out because I am a way nicer person when I can exercise! Wishing you lots of luck and PATIENCE! It's so hard - but being patient now will get you back out there sooner - that's what I tell myself to make me (kind of) ok with it.

    Looking forward to following along with your progress. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow!

  13. One more thing... I tagged you for 11 things, but you don't have to do it if you're not up for it. :)

  14. So frustrating! Just remember, you are in this for the long haul and you don't want to rush into anything that will effectively set you back in the long run. Keep going and you'll be running before you know it.

    P.S. thanks for the supportive comments lately :)

  15. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to following you and learning more about you!

    I remember all too well the impatience and the absolute NEED to get back into a fitness routine after surgery. My knee injury started in September 2010 while training for the Chicago marathon and I couldn't run for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn't even cycle because my knee hurt too bad (can you spin on a bike at all?). The only thing I was able to do was swim, which I had never really done before and I also did a ton of strength training. When my doc finally did surgery on my knee in May 2011, he told me that it would be another 6 weeks until I could run. UGH!!! It is hard having that patience, but I was focused on that one goal and did everything my PT said to do.

    I know this sounds crazy, but I also started in on cold laser light therapy (like I said, I tried everything) after surgery. Cold laser supposedly stimulates tissue regrowth and promotes faster healing. I'm not sure if this is what helped so much, but my PT and my doctor were amazed at how fast my recovery went.

    Anyway, I have written a book on your blog, so I'll stop. LOL. Good luck to you, I look forward to hearing about your comeback!

    1. Tara, thanks so much...your blog is hysterical how you write:)

    2. Thanks!!!

      Yes, let me know if your PT has even heard of the cold laser. Mine hadn't, but he encouraged me to try it. I actually had it done at my chiropractor's office! Good luck. :)

  16. Injuries are frustrating. I usually nap when things stress me out and I can't run. That's my coping mechanism. I hear pool running is boring as hell but also very useful when injured. Grab a friend and give pool running a try?

  17. Aloha! I am glad you stopped by my blog and yes, I am doing the virtual race this Saturday too.

    I am so sorry to learn you have to play the patience game. I am not good at that at all. I look forward to hearing about your journey back to full activity!

  18. I have no patience. I can't imagine being injured again, either. I rode a trainer bike when I was hurt. Thanks so much for the explanation of your injury recently- I understand you much better now.


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