Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Would You Vote???

So...Let's Take a Poll.....

Do you go for a Run...Or do you go for a Jog???

Interesting I'm sure that makes a few, or many "start twitching!!!" 
But let's just put things in perspective for a minute...just for a minute...

We strap on our shoes...our very, very expensive shoes...
We wear the right attire...
the best belt...
the most accurate garmin to record our every step, stride, and heel strike...
we have our gels, beans and goos...
headbands, hats, compressions sleeves...
Our buddies, training partners, ipods and gadgets...

we know our far we need to go, or how fast, or how frequent...
We understand our run...whether our body wants to or not...
we know our it easy...or difficult

But still the question remains...
are we running?  Or are we Jogging?

I think I know the answer...NO DAMMIT I KNOW THE ANSWER... 
 At least, I always thought I did...
when I was healhy,
and capable...
I knew the answer when I was confident,
and swift...

but now??? 
when you've been told your not quite ready...
not 100% stable...
not cleared to run.....yet...

If you only had to just simply lace up a pair of shoes...

Would you dare go out for a short jog?

How do you look at it now?
Is there a difference?

run...or jog?

I'm gonna go with Most votes count...............either way!!


  1. Replies
    1. LMAO...

      AWWW...come on, throw me a bone:)

  2. how do you define "jog"? How do you define "run"? Is it a minutes per mile thing, or perceived effort? One person's jog is another person's run........I have easy days and I have hard days, so I guess you can put me down for one vote on each side! LOL

    1. Great points...well spoken...I got you down for both!!

  3. I RUN! Jogging just sounds so 80s to me for some reason, but that said, if I couldn't go for a run I bet I would attempt to go for a jog. :)

  4. I RUN! And when I had a broken toe (which in all reality may still be broken since I never went back for more x-rays to say I was really cleared to run my heart out) I ran at a slower pace. But I guess some could call that jogging. But in those days too I also went for walks....and yes, I called them walks. I am a runner and I had to go walking for a few days....and you know what, I am glad I did!

  5. thanks for the comments! Just followed your blog!

  6. I am a runner! I don't know why? Does it sound faster? I run with people who run 12 min miles and they are runners. I attempt to run with people who run sub 6 - what do we call them? Streakers? Maybe I am a runner cuz I read Runner's World and Running Times? I don't know - all I know is that I crave it when I can't and love it when I can!

    1. Becky...I just love your comments...just love them! you made me smile and LOL!!! Streakers...that's a good one!

  7. I used to hate being called a 'jogger'. To me it just sounds like something a super old guy with tube socks and a sweatband does! Regardless of how fast or long I'm going, I'm always going to call myself a 'runner'. Now, if it's a matter of "wow the doctor hasn't cleared me to 'run'" then yeah, I might say i'm a 'jogger' so that when the doc asks "have you been running?" I can say 'oh no doc...not "running", per se" HA!

    1. Now that's what I've been waiting to hear:):):)

  8. I think mostly in terms of running, but there are a few times where we've done a family jog and my husband is not a runner, so with a really easy pace I usually consider that jogging. If I were told not to run though, I'd include jogging in there... it's the same amount of pounding. I know that's not the answer you want to hear though. :) Btw, if you get a chance to update my site, I moved!

  9. I think I "slog" too much. ha! Slow Jog

    Sometimes when it feels easy & fast, I call it, "running".
    So, I guess when it feels bad & slow, it's jogging for me.

    Weird how our minds perceive certain words.

  10. LOVE "slog"...totally using that one from now on;)

  11. I run. Well, it depends on the context. When someone says to me, "I saw you out jogging," I get all defensive and ridiculous. So I run. When I have to go get the mail from the post box and I have my crocs and my robe on and it's raining, I jog. In reality, I'm probably going about the same pace, but my pride isn't at stake. So I jog. In all seriousness, though, I think running is a mentality. If I were you, I'd "run" in my mind while recovering and tell the doc that you "jog" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink...)

    1. Ya'll are cracking me up with your rationales.....thanks!

  12. For me, it is a Jog if I'm going slow enough that it feels like it is sort of jarring me with every step, and there is a lot of effort involved in just maintaining that.

    I'm "running" if I'm flowing as I go...covering ground without having to labor every step, and more a feel of gliding over the ground. I never really get there, ahhhh, but there are times. :-)

  13. Running is anything above recovery pace, because there is actually a pace on the calculators designated for recovery jogs! That's my take anyway.
    I could use a jog OR a run right now. :)

  14. I agree with Raina..recovery pace is a "jog"....

    I would NOT push running or jogging too I would wait until cleared.

  15. Everybody's jog and run pace are individual. I look at jogging as the pace where you know you aren't at your normal pace. Run is where you know you are working (but not necessarily dying) and beyond.

  16. I think it's funny how jogging is frowned upon, and running is all that. What ís the difference I often wonder.
    P.S. I like your blog, and added you to my blog list! I'll be back.

  17. I knew you would 'love' Jenn's answer!!! Just what the patient ordered. Now...I've seen your "jog" and it aint' no I'm going to go with don't tell them anything lol..

    BTW...I think you (we) are running when we go out with a determined goal in mind. I really don't think it is determined on a 'set' speed because that is all relative. Does that make sense..?

  18. Running or jogging, in my opinion, is only a personal perception. It depends by the shape, the age, the injures ecc.


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