Sunday, September 16, 2012

Round 2...

I must give a heartfelt "Thank You" to many of you out there who have been checking up on me periodically. 
You know who you are, and I feel humbled and blessed to have you in my life!

I have been absent, and at a loss of words lately...
so I apologize for slipping away.
However, I have been keeping up with all of you,
and your posts have kept me smiling
and on track!!
this post is short and to the point...
too much time has passed to fill you in
so I will just give you the gist of it...
My last post, here, was anticipating my first Lumbar Sympathetic Block...
and let's just say it was quite the adventure!! 
in bullets...because I can be a bit verbose...
  • It took 3 times for them to get my IV in...and yes, I cried after the second attempt...
  • Did I mention in my last post that I HATE NEEDLES?
  • The Ativan finally kicked in and I felt like I was on a real nice high...not drunk...more high...I think
  • I loved the positioning they put you in for this injection...on the belly over pillow... with  your ass in the air...nice!
  • I think 2 or 3 local injections...I can't remember...then I calmed down
  • I didn't look...I really didn't until my neck got sore and then I turned my head just in time to see him pull the freakin 12 inch needle out
  • I just may have wet my pants at that point...but I will never tell
  • I was feeling kinda funny
  • they had me sit up and it was so cool because my entire right leg down to my toes were a red hot color...and my left leg was normal...strange
  • they did some strength testing right there manually, and then had me stand up, with their help of course, and try to do some balancing things I think...because at this time was when it started to happen...
  • they walked me to recovery which was supposed to be about 20 minutes
  • they sat me down...and I finally asked why my throat felt funny, like I couldn't swallow...and my tongue felt swollen, I couldn't feel my extremities, and I was so so dizzy
  • They called for him right away...and they threw an oxygen mask on me and kept checking my blood pressure, but I felt like I was out of my body and I could hear them... but not
  • it was at this moment that I heard the nurse say that her son was a student in my school...seriously?  what the hell did I say to her?  I am so avoiding her at back to school night on Thursday!!!
  • Dont' judge me for this comment...because I'm not saying that I ever have...but I was stoned royally, totally and completely!!!  I couldn't move anything nor could I speak...but, it was pleasurable if you know what I mean...I think this is when they brought Dave back
  • they asked me to move my legs...and apparently I started waving my hands...oh boy
  • I just remember him telling them to continue to monitor me and take my pressure and he just never was going on?
  • Then, they gave me something to counteract what was happening...and I feel asleep in recovery...FOR 2 HOURS!!!
So embarrassing...
only me!
I so pray and hope that I didn't fart...
hey, ya never know??
Apparently my body reacted to all the locals they gave me before the actual block...Dr. Richman told Dave that because I was rather small and petite, my body just absorbed all the medicine completely and it was taking much longer than it should have for my body to recover...So, I finally came out of it enough to get dressed (with help) and I slept the entire way home...
Nonetheless...even after my first encounter...his recommendation called for another one...
Tuesday morning I return back into NYC again...
for this...
using something like this...
later that night...
Just in case you want to join me...
I will be having this...
Let's have a virtual happy hour together!
please, please, pretty please???
Come on...Who's in?


  1. OH man! I am so sorry you have to go back and have more needles. No fun. Tell them you need the BEST person there is to put an IV in and don't let anyone else near you. Three times is NOT okay.

    Take care and don't worry. Everyone farts.

  2. thanks for meaking me laugh out loud just now...I rally needed that!

  3. Oh love, I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Sending much love, and lots of prayes! xoxoxoxo

  4. I will definitely join you for a happy hour on Tuesday!! You are in my prayers - that stuff you are going through really sucks! I am amazed at your attitude and strength!!

  5. That sounds like a crazy adventure! Hope you get to feel just as good at the next one, but they make it to the actual block. I'm always up for a happy hour, virtual or real life. Good luck Tuesday!

  6. OMG, I would have to have a few martinis BEFORE anyone got a needle like that close to me. Girl, you are so brave. Many, Many Prayers for your recovery.

  7. I've worked OR and PACU for years - trust me you did nothing the hasn't happened before!
    I am totally IN on your virtual happy hour. As a matter of fact, the hubby is out of town so I might have two ... or three! :)

  8. I am IN for happy hour...we need a happy hour Skype session...seriously!! Think about that and get back to me.

    In the mean time, I could tell you a horror story about when I went into labor pre-maturely with my twins and caught an infection with the 2nd one, who was in distress and they had to do an emergency C-section (nothing like having one the v-way and one the c-way - woohoo!) to get him out. That infection caused my temp to spike to 106 for about a week and consequently had an IV. Welllllll, apparently you cannot have an IV in your arm for more than a couple days for some idiotic reason and they had to change the IV's position - somewhere. Wellllll, when you're only source of calories and hydration is an IV for eons, you become dehydrated and when you're dehydrated veins are not plentiful. Trust me on that one. I still cringe whenever I think about it...17 years later. I cringed when I read the first bullet of 3 times to get the IV in. I hope you you had several adult beverages after that ordeal ... I'm still drinking over mine to numb the pain.

    I am dying about the comment about back to school night. I have gone to extreme measures to avoid certain parents!

    I know it's no laughing matter (but laughter does help, yes?) and in all sincerity, I hope and pray these needles are the solution to a more fuller life for you ahead soon!! Keep us updated.

    *rising my glass in a virtual toast to virtual happy hour*

  9. Oh that is not a needle. That is the SPACE needle. I would need to be in orbit first before they stuck that in me!
    I have NO good stories of what I am like when I am put under- I jus tknow i act like a very entertaining wind-up doll when I get drunk, and therefore don't drink anymore -- to everyone's loss (but my own!)

    Shesh. I sure hope all of this gets you 100% better soon so that you don't need to keep visiting these quacks! Much love to you, and thanks for updating me.
    love, R

  10. So you weren't having an allergic reaction to the meds? You had me terrified when you said your throat was closing and your tongue was swelling!

  11. Wow. No judging;) Glass raised that round 2 isn't as exciting.

  12. OMG!!! So sorry for such and awful experience...You seriously need to skip the drink and down the entire bottle, I suggest BEFORE the next procedure! After three attempts, farting should be the least of your worries. I have very hard veins to find and have never had a single poke from a needle, ever! I can't tell you the stuff that has come out of my mouth on the second, third and fourth tries :)I hope you will have a sympathetic nurse to at least support you through it. Keep us posted on your recovery/procedure.

  13. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I think I'm a little nauseous now that I've read what you went through. You deserve whatever high or buzz you can get. Oh, and fart away!

    Get well soon.

  14. Wow! That sounds pretty crazy and scary! I had a cortisone injection in my back a few years ago and luckily it was nothing like that. Scary as heck....yes, but no crazy reactions. I think I would be petrified to go back. Hopefully round 2 will go much smoother!

  15. I will toast to you! Make sure you post that day to remind me, I'm a crazed teacher with memory issues currently ;-)

  16. I was thinking allergic reaction too. What an adventure!

  17. To answer your question on your blog, although I'm not "from" KY, I did spend 8th grade - college there. I went to High School in Louisa, KY (near Ashland) and went to college at Morehead State. We were roughly 4 hours from Louisville.

  18. Jeeez are they installing a zipper!?!




  19. um that's really nuts. i would NOT be googling the images of the needles and procedures that's for sure..because if I did I would NEVER go in....and if I did be assured I would have had to have five of those drinks..and I would almost be sure to fart so they would insist on staying away from me with thtat thing!

  20. I'm a bit late for your Happy Hour but will still raise a glass and toast you back to rip-roaring good health and the joys of running - as quickly as ever is possible.

  21. I missed your Happy Hour, too, but I'm thinking of you!! So sorry you had to go through that gong show. Well, except for the getting high part -- ha ha.
    Take care.
    My Running Shortz

  22. Great idea for the happy hour together even if we are in different time zones.

  23. You poor poor girl! Crossing fingers this all works. Stay strong!

  24. Wow, sounded like a crazy experience. Going under anethesia is always a bizarre feeling. I hope it works out with the injections, that needle looks crazy!


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