Saturday, June 30, 2012

My 2012 TrIslip Recap...

Well...What can I say? 
WE did it! 

my good,
marathoner friend Annette (UGH...the list could go on, and on...)
and I finally were brave enough to actually "show up" at our first ever sprint triathalon...
Well, I guess I should say that I was brave enough to show up...
and here's how it went down...

The weekend before I finally borrowed a bike and a wetsuit, because quite frankly...
why purchase these items if you don't really know what to expect,
or if you will even toy with the idea of doing it again.

She packed up her family and headed out to our house.  I had been " bugging" her for quite a while about practicing...I haven't been in any type pf "organized"event in quite awhile...and I needed a "run through" so to speak.  So, she finally obliged and made me happy... Once at our house, we set off to our "club" beach down the road...

We set up our tansion area on the docks...and headed down to the beach for our swim...

The practice went...ok...
Annette got a little "unhappy" swimming in open water...which is understandable when you haven't been practicing that way.  Not to mention we headed straight out to the rock and back which is approx a half mile...and you start to feel very "alone" out there...So, we decided to
keep with each other" the whole time... and we ended up making a more triangular route not too far out from the beach so that the distance out wasn't an issue...

No problem coming in from the water...we trotted up the steps taking off our caps, goggles and wet suit, ( much better than putting it on btw) and transitioned straight to the bike!  sunglasses, helmet on...and off we went. 

We biked for bit gaging the mileage from our garmins and then headed back to the beach to transition for the run. 
Bike parked, helmet off...and off we ran!

Now...this was just a "practice" really for the transition stages.  I for one, was not looking to go all out and hurt myself, especially since I wasn't cleared to do it...and Annette wasn't at all interested in interupting her marathon training by injuring herself on a sprint tri that we were doing "just for fun", our distances stayed much shorter and our efforts at an enjoyable pace...

Perfect! day!

let's just say that one maybe shouldn't sip consume a drink or two...or three... the night before a race...
but this was only for fun...
and I was nervous as all get out!
 I mean, after all...I haven't raced in over 2 1/2 or 3 years...
 and I have never done a tri...

The alarm clock went off at 4:15...
UGH, why did I have those beverages?

I got up...
hydrated myself as best I could...
 and made a VEGA shake...
I decided to drive alone and meet her there...I wold have had to leave much earlier than I needed to if meeting up with her to drive alone...and I am a big girl!  I only called her about 4 or 5 times along the way to calm my nerves...but all she did was laugh out loud and make me more nervous.  She thinks I'm competitive...Jeez!

When I pulled up into the parking lot, let's just say that she is standing in the middle of it, just laughing and everyone around her is looking at her and laughing too! 
I pulled up next to her anxiously and went to get out of my car. 
But...I couldn't get the keys out. 

Now, we were a bit late,
and EVERYONE was alreading heading to the transition areas for marking up, setting up etc...
and we weren't even out ofour cars yet! 
 I kept trying to get the keys our for a few minutes...
but they were stuck, and I was getting more nervous!

So, Annette got in and tried for awhile..
but they still wouldn't come out! we are both laughing with nerves
and I am trying NOT to PEE my pants from it...
so, I did what any mature, smart, and independent female would do...
I called my husband! 
And Dave calmly asked me one single question...

"Honey?  Did you put the car in park?"
God, I love that man!!! 

Getting marked up was fun...
everyone was in a good mood and music was playing! 
 I didn't like my age of 44 being marked all over my calf,
but then I did notice that I used others ages constantly during the race to push myself...
so I get it!!

Now...the setting up part...
what a nightmare!
  I wasn't in Annette's transition area because of our ages...did I mention she is a youngin???
Isn't everybody these days???

So...I was on my own.  And, we had gotten there late!  My rack looked entirely taken up, and on one seemed to care that I was trying to figure out what to do.  finally, two women told me that I had to put my bike in a cetain spot, and that I was to set up my area under my front tire...front tire?  It didn't look right to me...that would mean you had to run around to get your bike off...but they wouldn't move...nor did they want to hear about it.  So, I waited until what any mature woman would do, and I waited until they left and fixed it up the way I wanted.  Once they walked back, I told them that someone from the event told me we were all to set up under our rear tires and to make sure to tell everyone in my area that hadn't done, they had to move...and they didn't look happy...but hey, don't shoot the messenger...

 Here is the story in pictures...
obviously still trying to hydrate...
<><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Now she's stealing my water...and still laughing at me!

I think I'm either praying...or trying NOT to throw up...
I just think this is such a cool pic!
getting ready...and thinking out my strategy...
swim is the only thing that doesn't hurt me right now!!!

I'm off...

got right in front ...
moving ahead...but I lose my steam...
coming out of the water...slowly...a close third out of my wave...
but I passed many of the boys in hte wave ahead of me ;)

transitioning...slowly...what am I thinking?...

never again will I drink...

coming out of T1...I love the band ptill playing in the back...

And, I'm off again...
Getting my bearings on a borrowed bike...

coming into feet are numb...wierd...

Taking off for the run...

Annette closing in on the finish line...

Crossing the line...

Afterwards...thinking, "how cool we just did this?"

Watching and listening to the awards ceremony...
we really just wanted our cooler of mimosas!

Seriously??? they called my name?

I placed third in my age group...

I'm thinking, I don't know you...but I'm gonna beat you next time!!!

So there you more item crossed off the Post-Op bucket list!

Here are my splits listed below for anyone who would like to analyze them...(Ahem, Mike, Ahj, Michael, Kepa...and all you tri-athletes out there...)

88 Jennifer Charney 40 F 47:13 126 1st 7:29 186  1:54 85 14:58 92 1:09 118 21:44 149
276 Riquette Cohen 42 F 47:20 129 2nd 7:21 172 2:48 159 15:26 110 1:09 122 20:38 118
278 Caroline Cummings 44 F 47:44 133 3rd 6:08 89 3:24 217 16:41 167 1:04 94 20:29 113

Next up......
News of my MRI results and doctors visit in the city ...

have you ever gone into something haphazardly
and ended up being annoyed that you didn't actually "win??"


  1. Great job and I love that you set up the way you wanted and then got everyone else to do it too. HA!

    1. LOL...maybe getting there late is a good thing, huh?

  2. Wow! Very impressive. Now you need to buy the wetsuit and the bike.

  3. You look like a pro! I know how nerve racking the first experince can be! You rocked it! Great post...I love stats but I wasn't sure what was what? Help!I think you need to tri more of these! Inspiring!

  4. You did so well!!!!!!! You are a rock star! Loved all the pics! And I also love the great attitude you kept thru everything!

  5. Look at your, Miss Triathlete! That is freaking awesome. I am in awe you can race so well after being off for so long....God gave you a great gift of strength and desire! So cool you did this thing, and love love love your attitude. I got a little tri in August (shhhh, don't tell :)), I will remember a few drinks the night before will help calm my nerves...and give me 3rd place! Hahah. I'm so nervous about all the logistics ... I just want to swim, bike and run, I don't want to worry about bike placement and transitions! :)

    Way to go, girl - so proud of you!!! :)

    1. thanks Jill!!! Maybe the cocktails did help...hmmm. I could start a new trend ;)

  6. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh ... that is AWESOME!! Great job! I hope you're feeling well after the race.
    Oh wow, car in park???? That is SO something I would do! Hoorah for patient and understanding husbands!!

  7. This ..laugh so hard. And I needed a good laugh! Tough weekend. Heading home now. My favorite is the pic of us waiting for your name. Oh...and BTW everyone...she IS super competitive!!! Don't let her fool ya! competitive though...wouldn't change ya ! Plus someone's gotta win this shite!!!!

    1. did u pick up camera ...looks like it. Can u send me pics???

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    1. sorry that must have happened in the car...i was posting from my phone. not too tech savvy...

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  13. What more can I say? You're absolutely awesome. Love your account of the tri, and great pictures. Things could get serious now after that mental boost. It could change your life - as it did with me 25 years ago!

  14. Wow, super job! Your first triathlon and you place in your age group. That is incredible. Heck the only times I have ever placed in my age group is when there are only 3 people or less in my AG! Haha! Btw, when will you be getting your won bike now that you are going to be hooked on triathlons?

  15. SERIOUSLY AMAZING! im always so inspired by anyone who is willing to get out and go after a tri. it scares me so much. you are so brave and absolutely dominated! LOVE IT! congrats on the accomplishment and the AG place:)

  16. I really thought I would've heard my name at the Moriches 5k... It's not that great anyway, right?

    Oh, and congratulations! Now I have to find out what surgery you had and what you were up to before surgery!

  17. Contrast! 3AG is amazing for a race you entered haphazardly. Go you!

  18. That's awesome! I'm getting so nervous for my first tri, but this got me excited. :) And I hear you on borrowing all the equipment- I'm doing the same thing. Like you said, why buy it all when you're just experimenting with the sport?

  19. Oh wow! I'm very proud of you!! I'm assuming your hip felt okay? You didn't really say ...

    I'm too scared to try a tri ... the swimming part seems terrifying!

    You had me laughing out loud with Dave's remark, "Honey, did you put the car in park?" That's something I would have done, too -- ha ha.

    My Running Shortz

  20. Oh geez. I hope you know 'contrast' means CONGRATS! Damn autocorrect.

    1. sad that i didn't even notice until now, lol! I just read it as congrats!!!

  21. Congrats on finishing your first tri! LOVE the story. I will never forget my first race. So much fun.

  22. Open Water Swim on Saturday, July 7 @ 7:30 a.m. at Callahan's Beach in Northport. 90 minutes. Open to all levels. Here's the link for directions: This is a Town of Smithtown Park, so we need to get there before they start checking for residency stickers. Please get there a little early to ensure that you get in without a problem.

    didn't have your email lol

  23. Loved the race report and really loved all the pics! They captured the tension of racing. My daughter in college came to a race with me a couple years ago and was trying to talk to me when I was withdrawing into that pre-race zone full of fear. I had to explain that dad is scared of OWS and the rest of the race is going to hurt :-). I don't think she got it but left me alone.

    Your times were awesome and congrats on placing in your age group! Are you flipping the other woman off in the last pic? :-)

  24. that is so funny!!! I didn't even see that in the pic, but yes...I sure am flipping her off...but with a smile ;)

  25. I have absolutely NO idea how to read tri stats, but I am VERY impressed you finished 3rd in AG for this race!! I am just looking for the run part. :) You must be a natural. Can't wait to see what you do with tri training!


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