Monday, May 21, 2012

Surprise Packages, The Tooth Fairy, and Making up my Mind!!

Like I said...


When I got home the other day from work,
there was a package on the kitchen counter...

and inside, I found these...

I had NO IDEA they were coming...

I love when these things happen!  I had been sent a box sample of regular Larabars earlier in the year to sample.  A simple, "Here are some Larabars for your  enjoyment! 
Please mention us on your blog if you'd like!"

Now, I have to say...I never got around to it. 
 I think Christmas came...
then New Years...
then Martin Luther King Jr. Day...
then Winter Break...
then St. Patrick's Day...
then Spring Break...
then another doctor's appt...
then my period...
OK, I'll stop now.

So, I decided since I really have nothing "fun and exciting" in the running world to post about...
I will post about my surprise! 
 I didn't really think much of it...I just wanted to post "something"...

That is until I opened one up and tried it!

This was the one I had...
Cherry Cobbler
this is not my hand, nor my nails btw...
I never quite made it as a hand model...
So far, all I have to say is...

Much different than the original bars, which I do enjoy very much...however, these are much more appealing to me.  A Sweet and Salty Fruit and Nut Bar....kind of  like a trail mix bar with full nuts and fruits weaved into them.  there are 4 flavors...

Cherry cobbler
Apple Turnover
Bananas Foster
Roasted Nut Roll...

Cooper is fighting me over tasting this one...
I'm gonna have to "sneak"it into my lunchbox tomorrow...

more information and my complete review later as I have something extremely important to attend to at the present moment...

Another love of mine...

We are off to play "tooth fairy" tonight!!!
Congratulations Tanner on losing your first front tooth!!!
He obviously takes after his father...(ahem!)

Lastly...I love finally making up my mind...
I have decided to go ahead and participate in this...clearance or not!
Swim: 300 Meters.
Bike: 10K.
Run: 4K
TrIslip Super Sprint Triathlon
Bay Shore Marina Park, Bay Shore, NY 11706
June 17, 2012

I mean hell...I've already paid for it, right?

are you ready for this adventure with the old gimp? 
 You really think I should get a bike so soon? 
I mean, I have almost 4 weeks til race day. 
 I swam on March 31st...
and I ran on Saturday...
OK, I had to stop 3 times to limp...but I'm just saying...

and Happy Birthday Daddy
(a.k.a. Papa dick)...

I Love you

Have you ever gotten a "surprise box" delivered to you without you knowing why?

what kind of "Tooth fairy"things do you "witness" with your little ones?

Is anyone out there really stupid enough like me to participate in a sprint Tri without appropriate medical clearance  training ? 
Shhh...I can always walk it ;)


  1. I have been such a total lame-o as a TF lately. Except for the time I accidentally gave my daughter 20 bucks! Be sure you turn the light on when you get the money out! I once got a surprise package from on of my readers who sent me a new egg-beater when I showed a video of my 50+ year old busted up one. I love surprise presents :)

    1. How funny!!! maybe I should post more pictures or videos of my household ;)

      $20? Whoosh!!! I bet that was one happy kid! How did you get away with anything less after that?

  2. Listen to your bod, babe, I have total faith that you will do well.
    Apparently, the tooth fairy thought we were handling the teeth wrong once my kids started school. Tooth under the pillow exchanged for a special treat - right? WRONG!! I got schooled by my daughter that the tooth fairy wants the tooth left in a cup of water and in the morning the water turns color with sparkles in it and the special treat should be next to it.
    My bad ...

    1. oh must have some tooth fairy in your neck of the woods;)

  3. No tooth fairy action yet.... E. is almost 7 and still hasn't lost a tooth. It's a sore subject in our household right now. :/

    1. Yikes!!! don't rush it...Before you know it, you'll be broke ;)

  4. Ooooh, the apple turnover looks super tasty! :)

    1. I'm having it tomorrow!! I'll let you know!

  5. I'll take one of those Cherry Cobbler bars.

    I hope you're not going to injure yourself, you rebel you. Seriously, be careful, but in the same breath, hope you enjoy.

    1. the cherry cobbler was really good...and the banans foster today was equally enjoyable!!

      I will be good...I am just looking for some reprieve at the same time...I'll walk part of the run if I have to. Looking back 5 months ago when I registered, who would ever have thought I would still be in the same boat?

      glad to hear your "coach" is working out for you ;) cool!

  6. I love the regular Larabars but haven't tried these. The roasted nut roll sounds delicous!!

    Be careful in that tri, but have fun!!

    1. roasted nut is on the menu for to morrow! great job on your olympic tri michael!

  7. Those Larabars look delicious! I might have to buy some to use as breakfast bars.

    Tooth fairy moments are long gone here. As I left for work today, my teenage son was going to bed after playing an xbox game he got at the midnight release and played it all night :).

    1. yeah, I have been having them as a mid morning far everyone has been delicious...better than regualr Larabars in my opinion!

      too funny with the X-Box...i guess that is what i have to look forward to with 3 boys

  8. Can't wait to hear about the tri.

    1. I'm kinda scared...but not at the same time;)

  9. Regarding your comment on my blog, tri suit under the wet suit then you take the wet suit off in the first transition area. What is the water temp expected to be?

  10. Lmao....our main goal is to NOT knock down the bikes when transitioning. I'm also laughing at you trying to convince people that you would be willing to walk....I'm thinking I may be left in your Gimp dust.....we ll be fine and most of all we will have a lot of laughs. Do you think I should wear Brookes swimmies?

  11. I did a whole Duathlon series on a foot I could barely walk on. With a mountain bike....cuz at the time, I hadn't been on a bike in about 8 years. Was really fun watching guys with 10k tri bikes speed by me like I was standing still on my 4000 lb mt bike. But the cool thing...I WON my age group in the mountain biking division. And since the race was entirely on roads, it's amazing that there was a mt biking division. I think they do that cuz it's in winter and you may NEED a mt. bike to stay upright on snow and ice. Anyway, that's a long irrelevant to your post other than GO FOR IT, girl!! I hope you go and have an absolute blast!!

    I didn't know that Larabar had new bars out, I am definitely going to try them - yummy! That's so great you got that fun surprise...I think it's just what you needed for a little lift in your day! :)

  12. Ooh, I've been wanting to try those uber bars... they look delish! I think you'll be okay on the tri if you're doing it for fun and not pushing yourself. It's so hard to skip something once you've paid for it and been looking forward to it!

  13. I've tried those bars. They're VErY yummy!
    Congrats on the missing tooth:)

    My Running Shortz

  14. I have never tried Larabars but the Cherry Cobbler sounds really good. I have to admit that I have ran some races without proper training but survived! I haven't received any surprise packages but I am sure that it is exciting! I just stopped playing tooth fairy for my 10 year old not too long ago. He has braces now so I think he has lost all of the teeth that he is going to for now!

    1. all 4 flavors were delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I don't know those bars but they look delicious. Glad you received this nice surprise.
    Good luck on the tri. I would be so stupid to do it.

  17. I DO love larabars. Maybe they need another person to sample them and mention them on my blog???

    Oh, Your little man is just TOO adorable with that gap in his smile. I love this age. And then the teeth come in HUGE and that's pretty cute too :)

    Wishing you the BEST with your tri! I try to never go to doctors, so I never need to get clearance. Better to ask forgiveness, right?


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