Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"My Old Kentucky Home"

I have had a few people concerned that possibly something has happened to me...

Another injury...(wouldn't that be fun?)
A sickness...(only in my head)
Family crisis...(the deer ate all my hostas and hydrangeas already!!)
Mental breakdown...(quite possibly)?? 

All I can say is that ever since I left for Spring vacation to Kentucky with my family in tow...I have been OBSESSED with a "few books"...
a trilogy I guess I'd say...
 Just can't put them down...
they are keeping me up all night, literally...
but, I won't digress...

It's such a GREY area...(ahem!)

totally...completely totally...another post!!!
Trust Me!

Anyway...vacation...yes, vacation. 

 I and the boys left for my home state for a lovely 10 days for Spring/Easter vacation.  I had not been home in quite I was in desperate need of some bluegrass, bourbon, barbecue, basketball and horses!  yes, horses...folks were starting to get ready for the Kentucky Derby so it is just such an amazing time of year to be in such a beautiful part of the country.

what I love most about where I'm from is how diverse the landscape is...
From the Eastern mountains, Appalachians, coal mines...
through beautiful horse country...
to the big city of Louisville along the riverfront and outstretched suburban/country lands...
to the rural areas of Western Kentucky where the tobacco,soybeans,corn and other things grow.  such diversity...
such beauty, and

tried to run a bit, because that is what I do when i go home.  I have the pleasure of living, (or used to that is) on a beautiful quiet secluded private road on 6 acres.   My boys love to go because they have the open freedom to play war, manhunt, ride bikes, fish in the ponds, hike through the woods, feed the horses, ride their electric scooters, cars, mowers... anywhere they want...
Its a boys DREAM!!

Check it out...

And what do I do??? 
I run, listen, observe, feel the sun, mellow, reminisce, reacquaint and read!  Spending time with my Dad,(mom passed away about 8 years ago from cancer) is the Highlight of my time down there.   I miss him dearly!

Mom and I summer 2003...

My dad...

OK...back to Running...
I ran about 5 times.
 I have the mileage and the times listed below for anybody that would like to analyze them.  Please, feel free...give me your feedback, chuckle, mock or yell at me for doing it because I was hard of hearing down there and forgot I wasn't suppose to run...oops...shhh!!

4/8     2.31 miles      20:06   avg.pace   8:43 per mile
4/9     3.01 miles      26.56   avg. pace  8:57 per mile
4/11   3.00 miles      26.56   avg. pace  8:57 per mile
4/13   3.01 miles      26.19  avg. pace   8:45 per mile
4/15   2.30 miles      20.32   avg pace   8:55 per mile

With that in mind, just know that I was still am in quite a bit of pain...had to stop numerous times to recover (cardiovascular i STINK...and stopped my garmin to hyperventilate which is so, so, so, so wrong...oh well...) and I felt completely awkward!  I have absolutely, in my opinion, no spring in my step or natural cadence.  I feel heavy and weak on my right side, and cannot keep from pounding or jarring. 

Our road is private, so from the driveway  to one end, back to the other end, then back to the driveway again is approx 1.5 miles.  This is what part of the road looks like.

I really enjoyed it, but then didn't at the same time.  Running isn't feeling good, and I'm not feeling good about running.  I'm actually not feeling good about much. and, with the weather getting warmer and seeing everybody on the mood is altered.  But, I am strong...and I am patient...and the end result will be well worth the wait!

In the meantime, I am going to continue doing what I am doing with PT, and I think I may venture back into the gym a couple days a week.  I just returned from visiting the really cool gym I belong to and spoke with the owners, they are really amazingly supportive individuals that truly care about your well-being...I am very lucky as they have checked up on me since my surgery...and before.  and...hopefully I will have some positive recovery news here shortly.

Until then, I will continue to read your blogs for inspiration and motivation, and keep my head up high and BE PATIENT...
at least until June when my first spring tri is scheduled...
do I bag it...or just go for it? 
Decisions, decisions...
I guess I should probably purchase a bike???

A few  more pics to leave you with...

a Kentucky Easter Morning...

Brady counting Tanner's eggs...
Cooper always in the lead...with a smile in his face...

Tanner spraying water at anyone who gets an egg before him..
Sorting their eggs...and trading candy!
Tanner won the jackpot...

Boys, clearly not happy Tanner won the jackpot...Yikes!

clearly we forgot to pack church clothes for Tanner...oops!

My so serious husband...
Two can play at this...
Now who's laughing...

Laters Baby~


  1. Hey! I've got the same family crisis! Ha ha. Gotta love the deer.
    You live in a beautiful spot :))

    My Running Shortz

    1. thanks...I miss being home in Kentucky!! and the deer......holy cow they are beautiful...but so were my hydrangeas ;)

    2. You left such a nice comment on my running page that I thought I better let you know I've opened up my running blog again. In one short week I missed it! I'm such a goof. Just posted about today's race.
      Take care!!

      My Running Shortz

  2. Good luck getting your running back. I totally fell in love with biking when I couldn't run. Just saying.

    1. I am trying...really trying to get into biking...I am having difficulty riding outdoors of course because of the up and down on the hips...but I am trying ;)

      thanks for your words of advice!

  3. Glad to hear you're doing okay, and slowly getting back to running! It should keep getting easier... and hopefully more pain-free. Sounds like a great vacation... cute boys! And I love those silly pics of you and your husband. :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful vacation! I'm sorry to hear that you are still struggling with running and pain. :( No words of wisdom just virtual <>. Try not to let discouragement drag you down! It's so hard to balance the physical and mental components. Hoping you have some clear signs soon! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  5. aahhhhhhhhhh! im going to KY tomorrow and can barely wait! its so true...i just need to be back there for a bit...soak in all those things I love about my home state and hopefully come back refreshed. and YES! buy a bike!!! haha. although i would probably be in the same situation ;)

    1. Have Fun!!! Where in Kentucky are you from Julia?

  6. I know what books you are reading!!!!! I love them - can't put them down!!!! WHY?? SO glad to hear from you again- miss you when you are not blogging. I am glad to hear that you are doing the things that make you happy!! LOVE the pics - especially those of you and your husband - hilarious!

    1. Oops - I was on the wrong Google account. There - now you know who I am!

  7. Cute boys. They look like you. And I don't blame you for running one bit. :-)

    1. aww...thanks! They may look like me...but the ACT like their father ;)

  8. Great pictures! Love Kentucky and bbq and Bourbon. Went to Bardstown for the Bourbon festival last year and two years before that and had a blast. Beautiful country, great people, good food, and fantastic bourbon.

  9. Best Working Dear friend keep working get more success in the name of LORD.
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  10. Looks like a needed vacation. And props to you for running about every day. It can be hard to run on vacations. I've got a week long vacation coming up in a month, hope I can find decent time to run.

    You make an awesome silly face.

  11. What a great place for kids to play! Glad you are able to get back to some running. I hope someday to get to see that part of the country. Looks like there are a lot of trees!

  12. Oh gosh, what handsome young boys you have, and clearly take after their gorgeous momma! :) What a great trip home for you guys! That's practically a given though, isn't it? I don't get home often because neither of my parents are alive, but when I do get to, it's just so magical again. I know it was for you and your kiddos, too.

    I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. Oh how I can remember how tough it was to read other's blogs about their happy healthy miles and I was just gaining weight by eating ice cream all day ;). Well, you know, it's just hard. I really hope you find some answers soon that .... you will, it's just hard to see it but this will all be a distant memory. Hang in there!

    1. Jill, as always I appreciate your support and understanding...trying hard to stay away from the ice cream ;)

  13. The last 3 photos are the best! Joking.... all the pics are beautiful because they show how beautiful is your "old kentucky home" and how fun was your vacation.
    Sorry for your running problem, I hope you can solve all of them very soon. However a bike can be useful for the cross training or for the periods when it is better not to run.
    I don't succeed in solving mine but I have always the swimming option.

  14. We DO have a ton in common! So funny that we both posted about Fifty---oh Christian.

    What sport does your hubby coach?! What sport did you play??

  15. LOVE all the photos! What a great place to call home. I know running isn't where you would like it to be but it sounds like you are on the upswing with your hip! Hang in there. The pictures of you and the hubby-priceless!

  16. OK, I keep hearing the term "laters baby", so I finally had to ask a friend what she was talking about. She finally explained that it was from a book and that I must read said book because it was awesome. So I have to pick this book up!

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip home, it is so nice to see family huh? I miss mine like crazy and it is always great to see them. I'm glad you had such a nice time with your dad. :)

    I'm so sorry that you are still in pain! I know how frustrating it can be to read/watch everyone racing and running when there is no end in sight for your own injury. It is so hard. Hang in there and keep on doing what you are doing. Your mileage and times look good girl! Any mileage is better than no mileage!

  17. LOL, somebody is reading a good book! Enjoyed your pictures from home!

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  19. Don't know how I missed this post!
    You and your guys are just adorable. Loved the goofy shots at the end the best. :)
    We are so blessed to live where the kids can just run FREE.


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