Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I ran my meatballs off!!!

Mission Accomplished!
8:46 avg pace
13.3 miles
I want to have so much to say about this race and weekend...yet, it really came and went like a blur!  craziness before...during...and after! 
a crazy week at school...a taper one week late that I believe truly effected my performance...
trying to scamper kids to others so that their schedules were not affected...
my friend running with me who became very sick...
really?  really? 
 It's my first race back in over 2 years...
it's not supposed to go down like this, lol!!
After finally getting to Brooklyn after work and hitting the traffic...the EXPO was great!  3 days of it!!!  Down in the old opened exposed Tobacco warehouse with new Balance gear, vendors, live music, food, beer...set upon the banks of the water looking into Manhattan...can you ask for anything more?? 
Actually...I've always wondered why the expos typically BEFORE the races?  I wanted so badly to drink down the yummy beer, eat the coney island dogs, pretzels and dance the night away...but I had to get to bed early.  They should seriously extend the party through the next day!!!
After picking up our bibs, getting our shirts, hanging out a bit and then going for dinner...our group headed back to the hotel to get ready for a 5:50 departure!  It was already a bit too late for us...but, it is what it is!
 To be honest...I had been really nervous for this race.  I questioned whether I should even be running it.  Nothing is worse, for me at least, than not being able to finish something I start.  I'll never forget my PT saying to me, "your goal is just GETTINGto the starting line...not necessarily how you finish it!  If you start simply walk, period!  Look how far you've come, and you need to take it slow.  Time SHOULD NOT be of a concern to you..."
 but...we all know...our heads don't think logically at times..................

I just wanted to finish...I just wanted to feel that I could reach a goal again...I just wanted to be able to go from start to finish without stopping...didn't even care about collecting my 200 dollars, lol...

and so did my watch!
wy didn't someone tell me NOT  to wear my watch???

I needed to run an easy race...but I deep down couldn't handle NOT running a sub 2...Why?...I have no idea?  And even though I did, I have been beating myself up over the last week with why it wasn't faster...! 
 I hit my wall at 11, as I predicted.  I hadn't gotten even passed that mileage with my training...after all, I only had 13 weeks to prepare as it was when I got the ok to do it! 
so, at mile gait and stride became labored and rather foot pain came in like a lion at 11.5...the bottoms of my feet absolutely burning like fire...followed by the toe cramp...followed by my throbbing and shooting sharp pains...the other one btw which we WILL NOT DISCUSS...,  and my hamstring cramping up as well...need I go on? 
 but stop now?? 

I did however have to go to the side and shake out my legs...massage the cramp out of my toe and walk through my water stops...I was struggling...period!  But, I just couldn't handle stopping and I was obsessing over my time.  Do you do that?  I didn't even really trot for over a year and a half, started running by the end of February...and I have to run a sub 2?  Why can't I just complete it? 
Why can't I just be happy with that? 

My friend that got me ready for this race was really struggling with her health...she had gotten a slight sinus infection...which triggered her asthma...which led her to medicines that depleted her body of needed liquids...
So at mile 10 her body gave out...period!
she became very weak and ended up being sent to the hospital for IV hydration...
very scary...
especially when you are standing at the finish line waiting, and waiting, and waiting...
that is why no pictures, no nothing! 
when she startes to fell better I can't wait to tease her about how she ruined my comeback, lol!!! 
just kidding...
kind of ;) 

We found out eventually what had happened, and had to scramble to find our families, our way back to the hotel...we didn't check bags, security was tight, most took  subways as parking was extremely limited, so we had left everything with her husband...including car keys...and he got the call and went to her of course!!.  I didn't run with a for over an hour we stood on the Coney Island boardwalk and waited, and shivered...It had started to rain and I became very cold...spectators were not allowed onto the boardwalk either...and we were leery of leaving one another...
In the end, it all worked out...
but a very different ending than what i had expected...
I finished elated...
but left deflated...
and upset for her...
hence no pictures...
no after party. 
But, thank goodness she is ok which is all that matters...

Funny enough, Dave and Tanner were at the 400 meter mark high-fiving, cheering and watching everyone run by...but they missed me...and I missed them!  Another strange ending! 

Come to find out later...our school has come down with a very bad epidemic of fifths disease...which typically just affects children and pregnant women...however, the adults are contracting it and exhibiting really intense and very strange, severe symptoms from it.  My friend has still been out of school all week, out of commission with it still and is just coming around!  The symptoms mimic severe side pains similar to gall stones, kidney stones and appendicitis...with fever, flu like symptoms and plain exhaustion...My heart goes out to she struggled tremendously with her non finish!  Running in the Right Direction deserves a shout out!!! splits are as followed...I tried to maintain a mid 8, but...not the case consistently.  But, I am ok with it...even though i should have finished in around 1;53 if I hadn't stopped near the end...Oh well...i am proud of myself for many reasons. 

Lap 1 8:42
Lap 2 8:48
Lap 3 8:19
Lap 4 8:36
Lap 5 9:20
Lap 6 9:11
Lap 7 8:30
Lap 8 8:30
Lap 9 8:51
Lap 10 8:49
Lap 11 8:40
Lap 12 9:12
Lap 13 8:40
last.33 2:23

I just tried running again today as I have not recovered well...I have nursed a few things all week and am a bit concerned about my other hip...but all in all...

I am participating in a Tough Mudder next weekend in Philadelphia with a team of people...

Have you ever made bad decisions with entering races?
Have you ever felt disappointed with your finishing time after a long break from racing?
Have you ever worried that your recovery time after a race took way too long??


  1. Woohoo! So happy for you. Great comeback race though you could have done without the drama. Being cold post race is not fun at all.

  2. You are running, you are running, you - are - RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes, girl - when you make a comeback, you make a strong one. Everything else doesn't matter (well, aside from the other hip...go away pain); you're running now and all will only get better from here. Congratulations, so happy for you!

  3. Yay for running! Congrats on your race, your splits look great!
    Sorry about your friend!

  4. Was wondering if you had healed. Great job!

  5. Congratulations on a great comeback race! It is nice to see that you are running!

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  7. Well yea for a comeback...sounds like you had a great race!

    Scary for your friend. It's hard to celebrate when someone else has a bad race like that.

    But hopefully you still got to enjoy your moment

  8. How did I miss this post?? I am so excited for you!!!! Your patience paid off!!!! Can't wait to read more! I miss your posts


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